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Future of Ad Based Location Services Looks Assured

Article by: robert
Date: 4 Jun 2010

pocketgpsworld.comIn a recent survey of 1,003 consumers by analyst firm ABI Research, 27% of US mobile web phone users accessing the mobile Internet are reported to have clicked mobile ads. These ads include both mobile banner ads and text links.

That compares to 21% reported in a previous survey conducted by ABI in December, 2008.

The study also shows mobile Internet access on a daily basis is up indicating that 28% of mobile phone users access Internet sites at least once a day from their phones. That figure is up from just 16% in the previous survey.

ABI say "Resistance to receiving promotions such as coupons and discounts on the mobile phone is eroding: About 45% of respondents, while not enthusiastic, would accept promotions if they had some control over the process. By contrast, only about 36% would accept these types of mobile promotions in the earlier survey."

These figures are likely to rise substantially as the adoption of smartphones continues apace coupled with increasingly accurate targeted map based advertising.

Despite the rise in consumer interaction with mobile ads, an increase in concern regarding purchase security around such ad based transactions is reported. 76% say that security is a major concern, an increase from 71% in the previous survey.
Posted by mikealder on Sat Jun 05, 2010 11:15 am Reply with quote

I wonder how many of those that clicked an advert on their phone did so thinking it would get rid of it, or clicked by mistake?

They are a real PITA on some applications, I have even removed applications with constant adverts and refuse to use them, what would be very handy would be an application that prevents them from using your bandwidith and eating in to any download limit on a mobile platform, in otherwords an add blocker application - Mike

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