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Free update for Navigon iPhone app: MobileNavigator

Article by: Mike Barrett
Date: 11 Sep 2009

pocketgpsworld.comNavigon have updated their navigation application for the second time and once again the update is free to existing users.

This release adds Text-To-Speech and iPod controls as well as some other minor changes. The Text To Speech allows the road names to be included in the navigation instructions giving the driver more confidence in the manoeuvre they are making. The iPod controls are also a very welcome feature as previously although you could set the iPod playing in the background if the playlist or album ended then you had to exit the Navigation application to change the music.

Also included in this release are: Location sharing, and automatic day/night mode switching.

The full Navigon Press Release follows:

NAVIGON Further Extends the Feature Set of its iPhone Navigation App
Second free update includes major additions such as spoken street names (text-to-speech), seamless integration of iPod functions, a location sharing feature and more

Hamburg/Germany, September 10, 2009 — NAVIGON AG, leading innovator in the navigation market, today announced availability of a second free update for the North American version of MobileNavigator for the iPhone. The update equips the NAVIGON app with a comprehensive set of innovative and sought after features.

The highly anticipated text-to-speech function lets the NAVIGON MobileNaviagtor announce street names in addition to turn-by-turn directions. It is the first on-board navigation app for the iPhone with this functionality. Instead of only stating “turn right”, the app informs the user to “turn right on to ‘Main Street’, enabling the driver to further concentrate on the road ahead and not become distracted looking for street signs. “With the addition of text-to-speech technology from SVOX, NAVIGON remains on the forefront of iPhone navigation options with the most solid feature set on the market,” said Gerhard Mayr, Vice-President Worldwide Mobile Phones & New Markets at NAVIGON. “SVOX offers high quality text-to-speech technology, characterized by a natural and clear sound as well as a unique polyglot capability – the same voice can speak multiple languages like a native speaker,“ said Eric Lehmann, Chief Sales Officer of SVOX.

NAVIGON, from the outset is committed to not only setting the industry standard for navigation capabilities on the iPhone, but also integrates iPhone-specific functionalities. The new update is the next step in this direction with seamless integration of iPod controls. Drivers can now enjoy the full range of iPod functionalities with a simple one-click from map access to artists, titles, albums, audio books, podcasts and playlist selections. The feature also takes advantage of the shuffle, and automatic playlist generating technology within iPod. The driver can listen to songs again or leave it to the device to generate a random selection.

A new location sharing function makes it convenient to meet-up with friends and acquaintances, on the go. Users can share their own location, an address or a point of interest (POI) such as a restaurant or museum via email. If the recipients are MobileNavigator users, a simple link-tap provides the exact address. The navigation software starts automatically when the link is activated and guides the user directly to the destination, without having to input locations, and waiting for the search results. In addition, the app routinely changes the maps colors switching it between Day and Night Mode determined by time and location. This guarantees optimal display visibility at all times and allows drivers to recognize the route as quickly as possible to improve orientation.

The MobileNavigator transforms any iPhone 3G, equipped with the new Apple OS 3.0 operating system, and any iPhone 3G S into a complete navigation device. It is the only iPhone navigation app on the market featuring Reality View™ Pro which displays 3D views of complex highway interchanges and exits helping drivers to orientate. Also unique are the branded POI’s along the route which make it easier to spot any points of interest that are on the way.

The NAVIGON solution sells for $89.99 in the Apple App Store and is equipped with maps of North America from NAVTEQ®. There are no subscription fees attached and no map downloads during navigation. The update is also already available for regional country versions of the MobileNavigator across Europe as well as for the Australian app.

For more information and FAQs, please visit: www.navigon.com/iphone.
Posted by MaFt on Fri Sep 11, 2009 9:23 pm Reply with quote

...and the GB version is currently on sale at £37.99 until 30th September


Posted by WelshTom on Sat Sep 12, 2009 9:59 am Reply with quote

Have Navigon confirmed at any point that full 7 digit postcode support will be part of a future update? This is the only thing preventing me making a purchase now but if I can be assured it will arrive in due course then I may well take the plunge while the price is reduced Smile

Posted by mikealder on Sat Sep 12, 2009 10:46 pm Reply with quote

Having been out in the car with the new Navigon app running its well worth the update, ok so there is a slight hit in that it takes the application longer to load up but its still faster than some of the others.

The TTS is great and works very well, the iPOD control from the nav screen is very well thought out. This application is starting to take a considerable lead when comapared to the competion, in fact with this update its quite a step change in the right direction when compared to any of the others.

I now have a GPS navigation application on my iPhone that can rival a dedicated PND and it has most of the same features and capability of a +£350 stand alone navigation device, TTS, Lane Assist, good integration with the iPOD for music.

The only missing link that prevents this getting a 10/10 score for UK use is the lack of full postcode support, come on Navigon please wake up to the fact that postcode support in the UK is something everyone using a sat nav based product expects and takes for granted. Add the postcode support and this application will be miles ahead of the competition, this is the only area letting it down - Mike

Posted by gyre on Sun Sep 13, 2009 1:31 pm Reply with quote

Just purchased and took the 1.2 navigon for a spin. (I've also got sygic, copilot and did at one time own Igo.)

I just love the TTS. Very clear, especially through my griffin roadtrip. Couple that with momentarily lowering the ipod volume and it works 100%.

Perhaps because navigon can now access the ipod, I've not suffered from the screen dimming I've been moaning about on the other products for the last month or two. Which is great Smile

Routes calculated seemed fine, and the recalculation was fast too.

I wasn't quite sure what to do when navigon was still trying to get a fix at the the start of a journey. I hit the option that gave a fake demo, expecting that it would flip back to the real route when a fix became available, but that didn't seem to happen.

I'm not a fan of the way navigon displays road names. I think other offerings such as igo do it far better with labels and lines rather than trying to draw diagonally along roads.

I'm impressed so far. Will take for a longer spin tonight. And yes, of course, would be far better with 7-digit UK postcodes.

-- gyre --

Posted by iBOT on Sun Sep 13, 2009 5:05 pm Reply with quote

Yeh such a shame about the lack of postcode support, my work involves going to various addresses (companies and schools) which don't have road numbers, only postcodes, probably 9 out of 10 are postcodes only, which unfortunately makes Navigon useless to me. I so hope they add them, am shocked it wasn't in latest update and amazed that they seem to think this is not important, it should be top priority.

Posted by sooteee on Sun Sep 13, 2009 5:21 pm Reply with quote

I'm currently using CoPilot on my iPhone but the speed cameras aren't directional so I get a lot of false alerts, are the cameras on Navigon's offering directional?

This might swing my decision to buy it whilst it's on offer!

Anyone tried both and got any wise words to offer for and against both systems?



Another Day Nearer Death!

Posted by MaFt on Sun Sep 13, 2009 7:45 pm Reply with quote

i may be thick and not seeing the obvious, but how do you zoom in/out on the map?!


Posted by gyre on Sun Sep 13, 2009 8:17 pm Reply with quote

normal iphone gestures might work. pinch with 2 fingers etc.

-- gyre --

Posted by mikealder on Sun Sep 13, 2009 9:15 pm Reply with quote

Normal iPhone zoom works fine, you will see the app switch to 2D map mode then you can zoom in/ out and pan around, pressing "Done" returns the 3D view, in use this works very well - Mike

Posted by MaFt on Sun Sep 13, 2009 10:41 pm Reply with quote

mikealder Wrote:
Normal iPhone zoom works fine, you will see the app switch to 2D map mode then you can zoom in/ out and pan around, pressing "Done" returns the 3D view, in use this works very well - Mike

indeed but i meant zooming in/out on 3d mode. zoom in/out on 2d mode is fine but as it suddenly switches to north up from track up in 3d it can take a second or two for my brain to catch up where i am and where the junction is!


Posted by gyre on Sun Sep 13, 2009 10:58 pm Reply with quote

I'm a bit confused by the built-in ipod. I've not had time to check it out fully, only while driving, but it appears to be adding tracks to some playlist, rather than having the same semantics as the normal ipod app.

I swear it started playing a cliff richard song randomly in the middle of my muse tracks earlier. Scared the life out of me Smile

-- gyre --

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