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Dutch Government blocks TomTom plan for jobs cull

Article by: Darren Griffin
Date: 22 Mar 2012

The Dutch Government has blocked a plan by TomTom to axe 154 staff from its Dutch workforce.

The plan to axe 154 jobs, part of a wider plan for 457 posts to be culled, have been blocked despite Tomtom's claim that it would not be able to develop the company without the cash released by the job cuts.

TomTom is one of many victims of the rapid move from PNDs to smartphones as the weapon of choice for navigation. Although they are making strong headway in the growing automotive market, long lead times mean that their cash reserves and profit margins fell last year with a further drop expected this year.

Despite the ruling, the move will only affect 11 of the positions as 143 employees have accepted agreed termination packages.

Source TotalTele.com

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Posted by G1LIW on Fri Mar 30, 2012 10:30 am Reply with quote

I seem to recall mentioning that smartphones/PDA-phones would be the way forward a few years back. I wrote to TT on that very topic, and also publicly commented on their lack of support for TT6/Winmob users regarding map updates and software updates. I was told by some that it'd never happen.

Ahem. "I told you so!" (God, I enjoyed saying that, Laughing Out Loud Wink )

Anyway, the complete intransigence and arrogance to SP/PND users, in favour of their PND kit, led me to drop TomTom like a rock and move to other s/w solutions. I now use NavFree on my Android phone, when using satnav. It hasn't got all the functionality of TT, of course (no custom POI files, for example), but that'll come in due course, I suspect. It still does the navigation thing reasonably well, though.

TomTom only have themselves to blame, and I sincerely trust that the directors get bitten in the wallet by their justifiably angry shareholders.

Petard, hoist, their own, by. 'nuff said.

Roger, G1LIW
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