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Broadcom announce first PND-on-a-chip

pocketgpsworld.comBroadcom announced this week the first ever PND-on-a-chip, the BCM4760.

This solution provides all the components required to deliver a navigation solution without lag and low graphical quality.

Designed for the next generation of PNDs, the chip includes a GPS and high powered application and graphics processor that enables 3D user interfaces to be rendered.

Also included are an audio codec, touch screen controller and USB 2.0 controller all in one single chip die. Future PNDs utilising this new chip will have reduced complexity and cost and lower power consumption.

The processor has ample power for the rapid rendering and display of complex 3D cities and landmarks and it fully supports integration with other Broadcom technologies such as Bluetooth, WLAN and HD video playback processing.

With storage space no longer being a barrier to future development it will be interesting to see what future products will offer now that small low power processors are able to offer high performance features.
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