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Australia - Speed Camera Operator Attacked

pocketgpsworld.comA speed camera operator was attacked in Perth, Western Australia yesterday.

The 53-year-old female was operating the speed camera when a 39-year-old male approached her complaining that he had been photographed. He then proceeded to attack her.

Police later located the assailant and he was apprehended after a chase which culminated in his ramming a police vehicle.

This is another worrying case where a motorist has chose to vent his anger on a camera operator, last week you may recall an Arizona camera operator was shot dead by a passing motorist.

Whilst a growing number of us are becoming ever more concerned by the plague of cameras we need to remember that camera operators and even camera partnerships are not the villains here, it is the Government that shoulders full blame. Cameras are positive revenue earners and far cheaper than trained Police officers.


Perhaps we should stop accepting these without comment and instead protest via our MP's. We're great at complaining to each other but very poor at targetting our anger at those who can change the status quo.

Posted by PaulB2005 on Wed Apr 29, 2009 3:39 pm Reply with quote

This also happened in Australia last June when the operators car was attacked with an Axe. Story here

Posted by gem on Wed Apr 29, 2009 10:38 pm Reply with quote

This is not a good development to attack the operators. Instead it would be far better to deal with the equipment Wink , if at all possible. And if not then to deal with the matter by attending court Rolling Eyes .

Or here's an idea, let's get the country out of recession by adapting the equipment to deal with driving too close. If you drive too close (on a motorway at rush hour...say) you are fined £60. The volume of cases would mean speed fines income becomes a small porportion, many drivers would clock up 12 points (make prizes) and be banned and then we reduce carbon emissions by fewer cars/drivers.

Vote for me at the next election.


Incidentally, Cumbria Speed Camera Mafia had stopped publishing crash statistics because they had in fact risen in some years. So to reverse their arguement, speed cameras cause fatalities.

Let's see when the last fatal accident was.....oh, yesterday! Sort of proves my point. (sympathies to the family)

West Cumbrian man killed in road crash named
Last updated 16:20, Wednesday, 29 April 2009
A man killed following a two vehicle crash in west Cumbria has been named.

Posted by Kar98 on Wed Apr 29, 2009 10:55 pm Reply with quote

For shame Shocked

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